What is Ucoin Cash (UCH)? Investment Guide UCH

What is Ucoin Cash (UCH)?

Ucoin Cash (UCH) is an advanced solution that allows users to access a simpler, safer and faster trading method. Ucoin Cash provides the users with the fastest, most secure global currency exchange and at the lowest cost. You can use Ucoin Cash, of course, to transfer money, purchase goods and services around the world for the lowest fee and in just a few seconds. Ucoin Cash aims to create its own ecosystem and build a strong Ucoincash user community. The UCH Web has perfected the look and feel of the features and looks very professional, this is a very rare addition to the coin in the ICO period.

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Ucoin Cash is a mathematical algorithm that has many similarities with the BitConnect method of operation, first introduced on the Bitcointalk Forum on October 31, Ucoin Cash uses a Scrypt (POW / POS) algorithm with 31 million coins published and a processing time of 2 minutes per block. For the first time, Ucoin Cash will be available for registered users beginning November 1st and until November 15th, 2012 will have 6 million Ucoin Cash to be sold during the ICO period.

Technical specifications of Coin Cash

  • Algorithm: Scrypt (PoW / PoS)
  • Symbol: UCH
  • Total coin: 31 million
  • ICO total: 6 million
  • Total PoW: 3.1 million
  • PoS total: 20 million
  • PoW block: 50 UCH / block
  • Block time: 2 minutes

Get information on Ucoin Cash: https://ucoincash.co/Files/what-is-ucoincash.pdf

Whitepaper: https://ucoincash.co/Home/WhitePaper

Road map of Ucoin Cash

Year 2017:

  • 01/11/2017: Open account registration
  • 15/11/2017: ICO (open for sale 14 times to 15/12/2017)
  • 16/12/2017: Open the internal trading floor
  • 23/12/2017: Launches Block Explorer website
  • December 12, 2012: Ucoin Cash for Windows launches
  • 28/12/2017: Put Ucoin Cash on Coinmarketcap.com

Year 2018:

  • 05/01/2018: Launches Ucoin Cash wallet for Linux and Mac OS
  • 10/01/2018: Put Ucoin Cash on the free exchange
  • 20/02/2018: Official mining pool
  • March 20, 2008: Focus on building sustainable, sustainable Ucoin Cash community
  • 04/20/2018: Upgrade the features of the website
  • May 20, 2012: Launched Ucoin Cash Wallet on Android
  • 20/06/2018: Ucoin Cash wallet on iOS
  • 20/07/2018: Funding for International Blockchain technology events
  • 20/09/2018: Investing in startup companies to research and develop solutions / ideas based on Blockchain technology.
  • November 11, 2018: Launched Debit Card

Year 2019:

  • 01/01/2019: Set up payment methods for B2B and B2C
  • 01/02/2019: Focus on ecosystems development

Information Ucoin Cash’s ICO sale

  • ICO time: from 15/11/2017 to 15/12/2017
  • 1st ICO opens sale 100k coin at 22h00 on 15/11/2017 Vietnam time.
  • Sale price: Starting on 15/11/2017 will be 100,000 sold at preferential price 0.8 USD.

Note :
The amount is limited to each purchase, so you need to prepare enough BTC or ETH to buy the desired quantity.
The amount of each time will be informed, so check regularly email or visit the official website of Ucoin Cash to be able to update the latest information.

Register to join: http://ucoincash.co/ref/quangtin

Guide to prepay cash to buy Ucoin Cash

  • Select “Wallet”
  • Select “Deposit & Withdraw”
  • Select the payment gateway you want to load and click “Depsosit”

Payment at the address requested:

Make money with Ucoin Cash


Investing on a Ucoin Cash loan can earn up to 45% per month. Ucoin Cash’s basic investment packages include:

  • Starter Package: $ 100- $ 1,000 Investment. Daily payment profit. Rebate after 291 days.
  • Miner Package: $ 1,010- $ 6,000 Investment. Earn 0.1% daily. Daily payment profit. Rebate after 241 days.
  • Package Trader: Investment $ 6,010- $ 12,000. Earn 0.2% daily. Daily payment profit. Rebate after 181 days.
  • Executive Package: Investment $ 12,010- $ 50,000. Earn 0.25% daily. Daily payment profit. Rebate after 121 days.
  • Premium package: $ 50,010- $ 100,000 investment. Earn 0.3% daily. Daily payment profit. Rebate after 101 days.


Buy Ucoin Cash to sell again


Join Ucoin Cash


Send Ucoin Cash to your desktop for interest, Ucoin Cash. Milestones and interest:

  • January 2018 – June 2018: Profit of 11% per month
  • July 2015 – 12/2018: 8% profit per month
  • January 2016 – June 2019: Profit of 6% per month
  • July 20119 – 12/2019: 5% profit per month
  • January 2020 – June 20120: 3% profit per month
  • July2020 – 12/2020: Profit of 1.5% per month

Affiliate Marketing

Join Ucoin Cash to earn commissions at nine prorated levels:
6% – 3% – 2% – 1% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.5% – 0.3% – 0.2%

Note: ICO can help you xxx account like BCC, REC, HXT but also always risky, consider yourself before investing

Some common questions about UCH:

  • Ucoin Cash (UCH) come from?

Our development, management & consultancy team are from many countries. Mostly from the United States, many come from Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore.
We work hard together to provide the UCH community with advanced currency trading solutions and user-friendly applications.

  • Can you meet the founders & consultants of UCH directly?

We will release our team members as well as other public information about the company & project at the appropriate time in the future.
Your trust in our project is highly appreciated, and you can rest assured that Ucoin Cash will become a choice for experienced investors.

  • Does UCH support the leaders in the countries?

Ucoin Cash was established with a long-term vision & goal of building a good reputation in the field of digital currency.
We hope that all users & investors will convey the correct message, honesty while introducing & receiving commissions with UCH.
We believe that individuals who trust & invest in UCH will have long-term returns. To succeed with UCH right from the start, convey the credibility of your downline.
We are seeking leaders in countries around the world for this Ucoin Cash project and are here to help you with: Training information, marketing / advertising campaigns, event sponsorships.

  • The exact date and time of the ICO event?

ICO Time: November 15, 1977, 11:00 AM New York time
(GMT -4)
On our website there is a countdown time display. You will see the time will run back to the ICO time. When it runs to 0, you will be able to start buying UCH token.

  • How to buy UCH on ICO?
    There are 3 steps you should follow to buy UCH on ICO (15/11/2017).
    + Step 1: Register Ucoincash
    + Step 2: Load BTC or ETH into wallet in Ucoincash account
    + Step 3: Go to ICO and buy UCH
  • Is there a limit on the number of UCHs per purchase?
    UCH quantity will be limited to each purchase. So you should be prepared to buy as much as you want.
    This limit will be announced before each sale, so check your email or visit the Ucoincash website for the latest updates.
  • 5% referral commission for ICO mean?
    Whether you can or can not buy UCH during ICO, you can still earn 5% commission on this referral program.
    Example: A can not buy UCH during ICO, but A introduces B, C or D to UCH. When B, C or D buy UCH, A will receive 5% commission (Calculated in UCH) on the total amount that B, C or D buy.
    (Commission from the system, not commissions from B, C or D).
  • What is the price of UCH after the ICO expires?
    Unlike some current electronic currency, prices are determined by the founders. We guarantee that the price of UCH will be determined by the supply and demand of the market.
    We believe that with Ucoin Cash’s long-term vision and professional system, UCH’s prices will rise 10x after the ICO and more in the near future.
    You can rest assured that no one outside the market can determine the price of UCH. And what we will do will be achieved by the trust of the UCH community, so the UCH price increase is a result to be achieved.
  • After the ICO, where can I buy UCH?
    You can buy UCH starting on ICO (15/11/2017).
    After the ICO program ends, you can trade and exchange UCHs on the UCH Exchange floor and other exchanges that we will list for you later.
  • Is it possible to load / unload BTC / ETH from the floor like Bittrex / Bitfinex …?
    You can load and withdraw BTC or ETH whenever and wherever you want. You can use Myetherwallet or any trading platform that is most convenient to you.
  • Why is BTC / ETH not showing when loaded?
    Recently we received some emails that they sent BTC / ETH but the balance in the wallet was not updated. Here is our explanation:
    Before 06/11/2017: UCH only accept deposits at minimum of 0.005BTC and 0.1ETH, this has been officially announced on the website. That is why if you send a BTC or ETH that is lower than the minimum required by us, your BTC and ETH balances will not appear in your wallet.
    However after 06/11/2017, you can send BTC with any number, no minimum limit. Note that the BTC balance will be updated after a confirmation of blockchain.
    As for ETH, the old minimum requirement is 0.05 ETH (which means we will not accept an ETH less than 0.05 ETH when you send it to Ucoincash).
    Note: Those who have loaded below the minimum threshold before 06/11/2017 will not receive this money in their wallet. So please contact us via support@ucoincash.co, then we will help you solve this problem by helping you manually add ETH / BTC that you have sent to your wallet.
    However this is the only time we support this. From this point you should carefully consider before deciding to send any BTC / ETH money into Ucoincash, make sure the deposit you deposit is minimum.
  • What happens when loading BTC / ETH below minimum?
    So your BTC or ETH number will not be loaded into your Ucoincash wallet. So be careful before sending BTC or ETH into your wallet.
  • Can I load BTC / ETH?
    You can load and withdraw whenever you want.
  • What should I do if I do not see BTC loaded into the Ucoincash wallet?
    You need to wait for a confirmation from blockchain. After 1 authentication, your BTC amount will be updated to your Ucoincash wallet
  • How to detect UFO scam & trust?
    UCH is one of the most exciting ICO campaigns planned to hit the market this year. But we know there will be hundreds of other similar models & they are trying to bring something interesting, new to the digital money world.
    This not only shows an attractive blockchain context, which also sees the potential for steady income to change lives.
    The success of a project is determined by the community. And UCH will continue to grow to better serve the community.
    The UCH token sale will take place on November 15, 2017 and the estimated tokens number will be sold out in a few minutes. The number of tokens sold is limited, but the number of subscriptions is skyrocketing every hour.
    Ucoincash is a project with the main purpose of helping people. Ucoincash’s leadership team understands that engaging members is a difficult task, so we offer a creative solution that is simple affiliate campaign.
    Now, we can not tell you whether a project is worth the investment or how to find a profitable ICO project.
    To be honest, even the most honest projects can completely fail, so be sure you know what you are doing & do not forget to invest more than you can afford to lose. .
    Maybe these individuals know how to detect junk ICOs in hundreds of ICO projects but they have trusted Ucoin Cash. You too, find the answer yourself.
    UCH is expected by thousands of investors, they hope this is a successful ICO project. And only time has shown the success of Ucoin Cash when the ICO started on 15/11/2017
  • Can UCH purchase in large quantities?
    At Ucoin Cash, our top priority is whether you are the leader or not, you must be equal. This would allow UCH to establish a strong and distinct community in the digital money industry.
    What makes Ucoin Cash different is not only the advanced technology & breakthrough application, but also our different vision and strategy in the long run. We hope that, what we have been will get the support of members around the world.
    That is why we do not allow any individual to buy in front of the ICO at any number or price other than the other members, whether you are an influential leader or a normal member. To see only the success of the leader, we also want to see the success of each member, including members from all walks of life will have a better chance of living with UCH.
    In a nutshell, every member will have to buy UCH at the same price & at the same time in any case to ensure equal benefits in the community. We call this the “Ucoin Cash Rule” and we will never allow any exception to violate our rules in any way.
    This message is also considered to be our public refusal for UCH offers in bulk or at a lower / greater price that has previously contacted us.
    We wrote this message after many members recognized the potential as well as the value of the UCH who emailed us saying they wanted to send millions of dollars to buy UCH before the ICO with a bid to buy higher prices. sell.
    However, we will definitely refuse these suggestions, and we hope that this notice will also help you understand more about UCH’s vision, commitment, and strategy. In the near future, UCH members will be completely satisfied with what our team has to offer.
  • How can you believe in Ucoin Cash?
    We can only help you gain trust through all we have done: website, logo, marketing campaign, roadmap, strategy, … We believe that these things could have Satisfying many individuals.
    Action is more important than words, so we will always work hard to UCH can be more successful than the expectations of members.
  • Support mode for leaders from countries?
    It is a great honor for UCH to have the opportunity to work with a dedicated advisory board and influential individuals in a variety of areas.
    Our leadership team works not only for achievement, but also for success. At Ucoincash, you will be working with individuals who know what to do to create a long and prosperous business.
    Unfortunately, there are some immoral organizations that have blurred the reputation of the digital money industry with benefits. Ucoin Cash will change that perception with our unique management & development strategy & strong commitment.
    We are always available to support leaders from every country in the world. Includes: Event sponsorship, training program, promotion campaign, …
    If you are the leader who wishes to cooperate with Ucoincash to develop in your country, to create a community in the country, we will be happy to support your activities to promote UCH. .
    This will be implemented if we see the excellence and dedication that you bring to UCH as well as to the members of your community.
  • Can I create multiple accounts on 1 computer?
    Definitely have. You can use different accounts on the same computer or device to log into Ucoin Cash.
    However, you should be careful when sharing your computer / device with others. This will cause your personal information, including ID / password, to be leaked or stolen.
  • Can referrers be changed?
    No, you can not change your referrer. So before you sign up, you should be careful about your decision & selection of the service.
    You should choose an influential & trusted referral who can help you & support you in your community development.
  • After buying the ICO, can you transfer the UCH?
    After the first ICO on 15/11/2017, you can transfer UCH to other members whenever you want.
  • What is the benefit of UCH lending?
    UCH’s lending packages have the potential to give investors an interest rate of up to 45%
  • What do I need to do when I need support?
    We are always ready to approach whenever you need us. This is an email support: support@ucoincash.co
    The number of UCH members has soared in recent days. Thousands of subscribers each day have put tremendous pressure on us, but with our experienced founders & rich in marketing expertise, we believe millions of members around the world will be satisfied with Our services & products.
    We hope you will support UCH by sharing both the difficulties and the successes. In the coming days, basic questions will be updated on the site so members do not need to email to know the information. This saves us time and gives us the opportunity to solve many obstacles & other issues that occur before the official ICO.
  • Where can I get information about Ucoincash?
    You can find out information by reading our White Paper or Roadmap at: https://ucoincash.co
  • Is it safe with UCH’s security system?
    Today, malware, threats always scare you. However, our 24-hour-a-day surveillance and security system will work effectively and smoothly to defeat all malicious hackers and malware, regardless of whether they change the battle. Art.
    We are using a dedicated server system located in many parts of the world, this is to reduce the traffic load, ensure the registration & ICO smoothly.
    We guarantee the highest performance of every website. All of our server access needs to go through the Cloudflare traffic filter. In addition, we will attempt to back up the database to avoid any incidents.

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