What is Firstcoin? Investment FRST can x5 in the next 3 months?

This is a personal analytical essay, sharing his views on investing decisions for a type of altcoin.

I analyze according to their ability & ability to predict, you are right, the investment, the wrong idea can be ignored or can be expressed own opinion under the comment.

If you are an investment trust, you can see that the trust community has many people promoting a coin type called Firstcoin, which guides you to buy this coin and put it on the private floor (Firstcoin.club) within. 6 months you are paid monthly interest & principal withdrawal after 6 months.

But I do not recommend that you do it but just buy Firstcoin and keep it on the floor.

This article will explain why you made that decision. I will guide from A-Z how to invest if you want to follow.

What is Firstcoin?

From the moment I wrote this article, Firstcoin is the 69th coin on the Coinmarketcap (Dubbed FRST). Launched in February 2017, Firstcoin has launched a strong marketing campaign since May, let’s look at the speed of development of this coin:

You can see the development of Firstcoin is very stable (I will explain why it is stable again). For example, in May you buy FRST for $ 1.3 / FRST, now you have three times.

Behind Firstcoin is a specific project with a long-term strategy and vision for the ecosystem related to: payments, education, community. For information on the team, development strategy or features you can refer to the Firstcoin homepage or other blogs, here you only talk about investing in Firstcoin.

2 ways to invest in Firstcoin

There are two ways to invest in Firstcoin, both ways you have to buy a coin that has the FRST sign:

  • Option 1: Buy FRST and store on the floor & wait for FRST to sell. You can now buy FRST at Livecoin or Yobit
  • Option 2: Buy FRST and commission 6 months on Firstcoin Club, profit up to 8% / month and you get back to the original after 6 months or continue reinvestment.

Compared to the first, the second seems to be more profitable because it adds a fixed percentage per month and in six months the price of Firstcoin may be higher. However, I chose the 1st option, simply because it is safer. I will analyze for you through the following content.

Firstcoin’s MLM model

Firstcoin has run the MLM model to attract investors to the Firstcoin Club system (Method 2), just like BitConnect did, but lower than BitCon. In return, Firstcoin paid commission to the higher invitee. . Firstcoin direct downline commission is 10% (3% higher than Bitconnect.)

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Investors on the Firstcoin Club will take six months to withdraw their funds, so that in the first six months, Firstcoin could boost its market capitalization to a very high level, as many of its entrants into the floor. Firstcoin Club left few sellers. (Because the floor holds a coin for 6 months and then take out again but sell, the coin sold is the coin store rather than join the floor entrusted).

I think First’s goal is to reach the top 20 as Bitconnect has done, or at least to reach the top 30. As soon as the top of the Firstcoin of course will create more credibility with investors. You are probably familiar with the offer from BitConnect: “BCC is Coinmarketcap top coin“, this offer seems very convincing to new investors.

Firstcoin marketing is quite powerful in this MLM model to attract capital from investors. The amount of interest in Firstcoin in the world in July increased 5 times compared to May:

FRST’s market capitalization is only $ 18 million, and with the hypermarketing MLM model, this number will rise rapidly in the near future, which will push up FRST prices:

And to reach the top 30 Coinmarketcap, Firstcoin’s marketing team has to do 4.5 times the number. Increased capital means that First stockholders are increasing (And they are usually the ones who spend six months on the exchange at the request of others), thus pulling Firstcoin (FRST) prices four to five times. next time.

Looking back on BitConnect & similarities

Now you can go to Coinmarketcap and review the development of a model with the same MLM marketing but ahead of Firstcoin, BitConnect (BCC). Bitconnect started in January 2017, with a current value of only $ 0.15 / BCC and is now close to $ 100 / BCC (600 times growth).

They also developed the MLM model to pull the market capitalization to over $ 500 million.

They thrived horribly, the very power of the multi-level model they did. Similarly, First is also implementing multi-level model, capitalization is now only $ 18 million.

Assuming that FRST can not replicate what BitCon has done, it should be equal to 1/5 of BitConnect, so if you invest in FRST at this point you will be able to have multiple words.

Firstcoin “does not allow” FRST discount.

Firstcoin is doing a very good MLM model at the beginning, what they need the most at this time is the trust from the Firstcoin Club investment community from double interest:

  • Interest 1:% per month
  • Interest 2: FROST price increases over time.

If the FRST price drops, community trust decreases and new club members who are new to the First Club will feel anxious and do not dare to go down the lower lane again, the price of FRST can not increase.

And in a way, the Firstcoin team has made the FRST price “steady” over time, and in the past few months, Firstcoin has done it.

Because Firstcoin can do because they keep the original investor for a long time (6 months) => No one has invested in Firstcoin can withdraw the root leads to the need to sell Firstcoin very little, which needs to buy FRST increasingly high ( Purchasing, buying investment in Firstcoin Club system, this is the reason that FRST price increases gradually and can increase sharply in 2-3 months.

You imagine the multi-level pyramid, the bottom will grow as the more and more people promote FRST to get lower commission.

When to buy, when to sell FRST?

Looking at the charts of concern about FRST above, you and I can guess that Firscoin has only focused on the strong MLM model for the past two months, so there’s been a long time before the Firstcoin started paying. Interest for those at the top of the tower

But the profit for the people at the top of the tower is nothing compared to the amount of red capital at the bottom of the tower, so I think that four to five months is the time when Firstcoin is in a fairly safe period. Firstcoin builds another type of ecosystem but does not know if it is real or not, we only take into account the worst case scenario that they only build the MLM system.

So this time is quite good time to buy FRST, not called the lead but is still very early, because the potential x4, x5 is absolutely probable. If you are more secure then x2 or x3 sale profit. I’m expecting about a month or so that it will be x2 or x3 soon.

Thus, August and September is a good time to buy FRST, we can sell FRST in the last months of the year when we feel the desired return.

  • Safe Purchase Price: Under $ 10
  • Selling price to make profit: over $ 15

(The price is only to refer to the current development of FRST, if in the next month the price of FRST is over $ 10 but the potential is still high, then I continue to recommend the new readers to buy this article to eat. X2, x3)

Liquidity of FRST?

Look at FRST’s buy / sell table on livecoin, the sell order is much less than the buy order, many say Firstcoin is doing the “price” thing:

Maybe this is a way to “curb the price increase” of Firstcoin, making FRST prices will not increase at a quick but gradually increase, as a basis to attract investors.

  • Price increases too fast, new investors are afraid of late => Do not dare to enter
  • Prices fell, investors did not dare to enter

=> Firstcoin is forced to have a “Hold the price” campaign and move up slowly, ok we accept this initiative of Firstcoin also, as long as the price up.

Look at the table above to see if you want to sell FRST to someone who needs to buy it is almost not good price, especially if you sell FRST bulk is sure to bid and wait for others to buy.

However, when pulling down the history of buying and selling real time updates, you will see more purchases than sales. you)

I calculated the capitalization of FRST over the past 7 days by more than 60BTC per day. So if you bid to sell a good price, you can still sell in the day. FRST’s volume is increasing day by day, so 1-2 months later you can easily sell more.

Buying FRST is very easy, so the liquidity of FRST is also relatively, acceptable.

How to buy and store FIRST.

OK, now if you feel that you are analyzing the right and also predicting that FRST will increase several times over the coming months, you can do the following:

  • Go to https://www.livecoin.net/ to register your account, remember to add some Security (OTP) numbers and add the 2FA code. The level of security must be at Level 2 offline.

  • Go to Balance => Bitcoin section click Deposit to get your Bitcoin address on Livecoin, the wallet looks like this:

  • Buy Bitcoin in Remitano and transfer to Bitcoin Livecoin. After Bitcoin in Remitano is transferred, you will wait for 11 confirmed on the blockchain, the new Bitcoin into the Livecoin wallet.
  • Once you have your BTC balance, go to Trading on Livecoin

  • Type FRST into the search box and click on the result:

  • In this interface, you can buy FRST in the SELLING FRST section, or set the BID price to your FRST purchase request under the item BUYING FRST.

After purchasing FRST, you can leave FRST on Livecoin or Firstcoin also have your wallet, you can withdraw your wallet. I keep on the floor.


So, just buy and stock the Firstcoin until the end of the year, do not bury your money for 6 months on the Firstcoin Club trusts, but the interest in those months is not much.

Investment is still investment, its analysis is not prophecy. Always think of risk and only invest one in your total investment budget. Because I may be wrong, next month may not collapse.

Invest in other forms, if you do not have the time and experience of tradecoin can hold coin or investment lead the potential entrants to x2, x3 account also.

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