What is Cybermiles? Potential ICO Investment Project Token CMT of 5miles

What is Cybermiles?

Cybermiles (CMT) is a blockchain technology being developed and operated by 5xlab – a research and development facility for blockchain. 5xlab collaborates with 5miles – a group of world-class experts from China and China. 5miles was established in 2014 and raised about $ 62 million from well-known investment firms such as IDG, SIG, Blue Lake and Morningside.

5miles is expected to be the first platform to use CrystMiles’ blockchain protocol, while supporting 5xlab for more robust technology. 5miles has been leading innovations on the online and offline marketplace for 3 years, 5miles has embraced the technology and commerce needed to refresh the blockchain technology and smart contracts for practical applications.

5xlab will be looking for solutions to leverage their expertise in developing CyberMiles with the trust and dedication of the development team. This will help CyberMiles become the leading blockchain technology for real-world operations.

Brief introduction about 5miles

5miles is a business standing in the top e-commerce market in the world, connecting consumers with consumers (c2c) in USA. Currently the company’s top application is called 5miles application and up to 10 million users are registered in the US, according to estimates estimated to exceed $ 3 billion in total transaction value by 2017.

In addition, the 5miles app is also ranked in the top 10 best US shopping apps. On average, 5miles of users spend 24 minutes per day on the application, which is important for 5miles to become one of the most attractive ecommerce applications in the US.

5miles is run by Dr. Lucas Lu, formerly co-founder and chief technology officer of Light In the Box, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) . In addition, Lucas was the first CEO of Alibaba’s Taobao mobile platform.

What are the differences between CyberMiles and Ethereum?

CyberMiles (CMT) was developed specifically for commercial and transactional applications. Existing platforms tend to become less effective for contracts that govern specific commercial transactions, because those platforms are not designed to serve these purposes. In contrast, CM is currently being developed to build intelligent contract modules that maximize the efficiency of the information technology required for timely completion of the transaction.

CyberMiles is a cutting-edge blockchain for smart contracts. CyberMiles’ smart business contracts are designed to be more powerful than the smartest of Ethereum. It will become the next generation Ethereum (ETH).

Cybermiles is optimized for ecommerce application field. It will provide a tremendous library of business intelligence deals related to e-commerce. This has created a powerful CyberMiles capable of establishing commercial applications.

Just like Ethereum’s ETH, applications created from CyberMiles have the ability to use CMT to release their own ICO. Up to $ 1 trillion is the size of the market for e-commerce applications.

CyberMiles can support tens of thousands of transactions (TPS) per second through the most up-to-date development phase, incorporating the latest innovations and state-of-the-art Proof of Stake (PoS) capabilities. Consensus. According to the contract signed today Ethereum only supports 10 TPS.

Because CMT is optimized for e-commerce use, it is designed to simplify decentralized payments such as ripple (XRP). The XRP arranges transactions between large banks while CMT’s task is to arrange transactions between e-commerce and financial units where each unit is provided with the same capabilities and powers. Any unit has the right to initiate a conversation.

Illustrative example of CMT based promotions:

Project Milestones

  • Apr. 2014: 5miles established.
  • Jun. 2014: 5miles receives $5 million (USD) Series A investment from SIG.
  • Oct. 2014: Testing of the 5miles app begins.
  • Jan. 2015: 5miles app launches in the US.
  • Jun. 2015: 5miles receives $17 million (USD) Series B investment, led by IDG and Morningside.
  • Nov. 2015: 5miles introduces user-verification and fraud-detection technology, further strengthening its’ innovative marketplace safety features.
  • Jan. 2016: 5miles’ gross merchandise value reaches $100 million; receives $30 million (USD) Series B-1 investment, led by Blue Lake and Puhua.
  • Jan. 2017: 5miles surpasses 11 million users, becoming a top 10 shopping app in the US (data from Similar Web); begins exploring blockchain initiative.
  • Jun. 2017: 5miles receives $10 million (USD) follow-on funding from existing investors (pending closing).
  • Aug.  2017: 5xlab formally launched, focusing on CyberMiles blockchain program; developing CyberMiles v.0.1.
  • Oct. 2017: CyberMiles Foundation to explore the issuance of CyberMiles tokens (CMT).
  • Dec.  2017: CyberMiles Foundation to launch v0.1 of CyberMiles’ “smart contract” modules.
  • June 2018: 5miles app to begin accepting CMT to facilitate multiple marketplace applications.
  • Dec.  2018: CyberMiles Foundation to launch v1.0 of CyberMiles.
  • Mar. 2019: CyberMiles modules to be available for use on other platforms to facilitate further adoption.

Details about Token CMT

Token CMT has been opened for sale Pre-sale (350 million CMT) for large customers from 23 / 9-23 / 10 with a minimum investment of 20 BTC (Ended). The stage of selling ICO to the public is as follows:

  • Opening day: from 21/11 to 05/12/2017
  • Token Token: CMT
  • Open sales: 350 million CMT
  • Total supply: 10 billion CMT
  • Price CMT: 1 ETH = 7,000 CMT
  • Minimum attendance of 0.2 ETH
  • Standard token ERC-20
  • Token payment time: After 30 days of end of ICO.

CyberMiles Foundation proposed to make 700 million CMT at the beginning (350 million CMT for pre-sale + 350 million CMT for sale of ICO mass), but over time 30 years can be expanded to 10 billion CMT. You can find additional information on when CMT is scheduled to be allocated and who will be allocated to who is below.

After completing the sale of 700 million CMT Token CyberMiles (“Token Sale”), there will be a total of 700 million CMT circulated on the market.

CyberMiles CMT Token Distribution

As proposed, 3 billion tokens will be allocated to 5miles and other early partners, taking into account their role in establishing the CyberMiles platform and developing the initial ecosystem for CMT. The allocation of tokens will follow a long-term (3 years) long-term entitlement and will be considered the basis of a strategic partnership in which 5miles contributes to the brand, technology and integration of over 10 million users. register with CyberMiles and CMT.

Proposed, Targeted Number of Active CMT in Circulation (millions of CMT):

Token CMT Token allocation details each year:

Cybermiles Project Development Team

About the Cybermiles team you can see very detailed and includes the elite members in the field of e-commerce.

Cybermiles also has staff in the US and two other teams in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Project advisors come from the United States in the field of start-up consultancy, investment funds, lawyers, and strategic advisors.

Cybermiles has an excellent team base, and for an ICO project there is no point in blaming it.

Project Information CyberMiles

Plus for the Cybermiles project is a very detailed and clear translation. In addition to English, Cybermiles supports Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and Vietnamese.

Press and Media talk about CyberMiles

CyberMiles ICO Investment Guide by buying CMT Token

As of 21 November, CyberMiles has officially launched the CMT Token, however, you should register an account and prepare the necessary items to purchase the CMT Token. The failure will be prompt and you will miss out on good investment opportunities. To buy Token CMT you need:

  • Wallet MyEtherWallet, because CyberMiles also only accept MyEtherWallet’s wallet address
  • Ethereum (ETH), CyberMiles only accepts ETH

Guide you register an account on the official website of CyberMiles:

Step 1: You go to cm.5miles.com and click on “Participate Now”.

Step 2: Enter Email and Password (2 lines), tick “I’m not a robot” and then click “Create Account”.

Step 3: Now CyberMiles system will send you an Email to activate the account, you to Email and click “Click here to confirm your email address.”

So you have created and activated the account is complete, now click on “Get Verified now by submitting your info”.

Step 4: CyberMiles will ask you to verify your account by sending your identity card or passport. Here I will guide you to send ID card, you take 3 pictures:

Note: You are required to verify this step to buy Token offline, by 20/11 CyberMiles will close verification, if you have not confirmed will not be allowed to buy Token anymore.

In the meantime, the way to buy Token CMT, as soon as they open their sale will have tutorials, you just register your account first and take 2 steps to create a wallet & buy ETH into wallet ready to This is a very hot ICO project and is expected to sell out soon, so you should watch the time when it is open to buy offline.


Above is the article “[ICO Review] What is Cybermiles? Potential investment project Cybermiles Token of 5miles “hope to bring you the most overview of the project. You can visit the official website of CyberMiles is cm.5miles.com to thoroughly understand the information before deciding to invest Token nhé.

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