How to create a purse wallet (XRP) on

As with Bitcoin or Ethereum, Virtual Money Ripple (XRP) also has its own wallet, before you want to invest in this XRP coin, you need to create a rip-box for sending, receiving and storing it. If Bitcoin has, Ethereum has, Ripple has, one of the sites that allows you to create wallet (XRP) simple, fast ripsets that are safe and secure. This will guide you how to create a purse wallet on Gatehub. Start…

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Step 1: Firstly, create your XRP wallet and go to and enter your email, password, capcha and click on “Sign Up”. “
Step 2: After clicking on “Sign Up” your computer screen will appear as shown below, GateHub provides you with a “Recovery key”. In case of forgotten password will use it to restore your account, this is also the only way to recover the password.
Step 3:’s system will send an Email to activate the account, you will access the Email and click on “Activate Account” to complete your account registration.
Ok. So you have completed the registration account purse wallet on GateHub. After clicking on “Activate”, it will move you to the login page, you enter Email and password registered to login offline. Next you select “Individual” or personal purse.
Step 4: Identify your wallet purse account by phone number. You select the country where you live and enter your phone number. The system will send you a 4-digit code, you receive via SMS then enter to verify then press continue. After you have successfully verified your phone number, follow the next step to complete before connecting to Gateway.
* Note: You can skip steps 2,3,4, and 5 by selecting “Skip, I’ll do this later” and do the following steps also. When depositing currencies like ETH, BTC, REP or ETC, GateHub does not require full identity verification.
Step 5: To be able to trade a ripple, you first need to connect a Gateway. On the homepage of GateHub you click on “Connect a Gateway”. If you use your phone to create a purse purse, you can verify one more step by downloading the Authy App to get the authy code when enabling 2-layer security for your account. If not then drag down and select continue.
Then select the currency (eg XRP or ETH) and click on “Confirm”. You will receive an Email when your account is authenticated.
Step 6: Once Gateway confirms your account, you can now deposit by clicking the “Deposit / Receive” button. For example, if you want to deposit BTC, then choose BTC. Access your Bitcoin wallet and deposit BTC into the address information provided on the screen. You will then receive an email when you receive the deposit.

To see the address of your Ripple wallet on GateHub you click on “Wallet” and select “Deposit / Receive”, select Ripple will see your wallet address it begins with “r” as shown below.

You can also create a new XRP wallet by clicking on “Wallet” in the upper left corner, clicking on the “+” sign and labeling your purse, then selecting Ripple or Hosted. Other ripples are hosted on 50 XRPs and Hosted is not Ripple Trade and store on Public and Hosted.


Ok So has guided you how to create a purse ripple as well as how to use virtual wallet ripple, then quite simply not. You only need to follow the instructions to be able to create yourself an address XRP purse for trading, start investing Ripple Coin then that. Good luck.

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