What is ChronoBank? Learn about virtual coins What is TIME coin?

What is ChronoBank?

ChronoBank (TIME) is an ambitious and global blockchain project that breaks the human, recruiting and finance industry in a similar way to Uber’s disruptive taxi business. Some of ChronoBank’s major occupations include e-commerce, cleaning, warehousing, industry and construction. It has a particularly attractive scheme for freelancers – who have sold their time (working hours) in exchange for currency.
The ChronoBank ecosystem is based on hourly labor signals (Labor or Hour). LH is concerned about the average hourly wage in a country. The tokens are backed by a real workforce from hiring and hiring companies. There is a United States working hours notice, for example (LHUS) and the Australian Labor Information Code (LHAU), along with other information, scheduled for 2017.
Meanwhile, ChronoBank launched the Token TIME earlier this year through its ICO. TIME is trading positively on some crypto trading platforms.

ChronoBank’s Labor-Hour feature

Alternative financial system: ChronoBank is a time-based blockchain based platform that does not require third-party interventions like banks. Transactions occur directly between individuals and businesses.

Many Blockchain is supported: LH tokens and ChronoBank.io dapps will be created on Ethereum, Waves, and Nem blockchains, in contrast to other tokens that usually only use one blockchain.
Avoid inflation: LH codes will be combined with the average monthly salary of a country. This wage has significant growth and stability and low volatility.
Price stability with Fiat currency: Users can make transactions while continuing to use the currency. The transaction will be facilitated by AUD, USD, EUR and GBP. LH was built with the goal of providing stable prices in fiat currencies.
Stable Tokens: Labor-Hour coin has a stable value to protect users from the notorious fluctuations in the cryptocurrency world. Users can enjoy the benefits of a cryptocurrency without the disadvantages.
Simple to use: The ChronoBank platform is designed “with the user in mind and with the best UI / UX practice.” With one click, you can buy, sell, and send transactions using fiat or cryptocurrencies.
Transparency: ChronoBank uses a hierarchical ledger with multiple levels of security to ensure transparency and openness at every stage of the work cycle.
LH Debit Card: ChronoBank plans to issue a debit card that allows you to use the LH card as a regular cash. LH cards will be “super fast” and can be accessed 24/7 via LH debit cards, “explains ChronoBank’s official website.

Who created ChronoBank?

ChronoBank was created by Edway Group co-founder, also known as Edway Group Ptd. Ltd. This is a consolidated group of Australian companies and an industry leader in vocational training and labor supply. The company has subsidiaries in the areas of HR, recruiting, training, technology, and more.
Other key members of the group include Sergei Sergienko (CEO), and Paul Glover (The Thinker). Paul Glover is famous for creating Ithaca HOURS, the world’s first modern time currency.
By January 2017, ChronoBank has attracted $ 3 million in grants. The company plans to launch LH Token at the end of this year in different stages. LHAU (Australia) is scheduled to launch in Q2, while LHUS is due in Q3 and LHUU (UK) and LHUK (UK) will be scheduled for Q4.

Where to buy virtual currency coin ChronoBank?

Currently, ChronoBank coin virtual currency has been listed on virtual currency trading lists, where virtual currency blogs will list some of the most popular exchanges such as Bittrex, Livecoin, Liqui or HitBTC with TIME / BTC pairs, TIME. / ETH, TIME / USDT. If you want to invest in this coin can refer to the link below the floor to buy it.





The current rate of ChronoBank virtual currency

At the time of the Virtual Money Blog article, TIME 1 was $ 22.39 and had a market capitalization of $ 15,897,153, equivalent to 4.733 BTC ~ 53,771 ETH.

Website ChronoBank: https://chronobank.io/

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