What is Bitquence? Learn about BQX coin virtual?

What is Bitquence?

Bitquence (BQX) is the first cryptocurrency service company to aggregate many needs of the new economy. Bitquence has a new mobile wallet that can hold and transfer value between users and currencies using the digital payment network. Wallet enables flexible asset allocation with a secure and diversified diversification process and assures consistency with all your assets safely and safely in cold storage.

Bitquence’s mission is to give everyone access to the cryptocurrency market, accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology, and democratize electronic money ownership. We believe in the philosophy mission founded by Satoshi Nakamoto. By creating a secure layer that is accessible to ordinary people, we put the power of cryptocurrency in the hands of the people – where it belongs.

What is the feature of Bitquence?

  • Security: “State of the art digital security ensures that your property is safe with us”.
  • Simplification and Transparency: All asset allocations are transparent and fully accessible. You know exactly what you are buying. You do not have to buy into some mysterious fund or invest in something without knowing the exact details.
  • High liquidity and accessibility: All asset allocations only diversify current assets, meaning you can easily send and withdraw money at any time. You can also use the Bitquence Payment Network to send payments anywhere immediately.
  • Easy setup: No setup fees or hidden costs. Fast Asset Allocation and managed wallet help you diversify your value quickly.
    Community consensus: Take advantage of the wisdom of the crowd with community-led distribution by the community.
    Mobile Wallet: Bitquence is mobile-friendly, meaning you can track and transfer funds on the go from anywhere.

    Where to buy virtual currency Bitquence?

    You can now trade Bitquence coin on the three trading platforms, CoinExchange, HitBTC and EtherDelta with BQX / BTC and BQX / ETH pairs. Here are links to the floor for your reference if you intend to invest in this coin.




    What is the current exchange rate of BQX coin?

    Looking at the chart above we can see the value of the virtual currency Bitquence is growing very strong. At the time of the virtual money blog posting, the price was 1 BQX = $ 0.178712 and had a total market capitalization of $ 12,605,673, equivalent to 3,753 BTC ~ 42,639 ETH.

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