What is BitConnect (BCC)? Is there more BitConnect join?

The Crypto Currency has exploded in 2017 & you may have heard Bitcoin, Ethereum, or someone introducing you to participate in investment trusts receiving% per day, per month.

If you are new to Bitcoin, read what Bitcoin is about to understand it. In this article, I will give you some information about BitConnect, a trustee model investing in “Lending Platform“.

If you look for information on BitConnect on the net you will find “very good ads about it”: Bitconnect Investments interest up to 40% per month. Bitconnect developed its own currency, BCC, No. 15 on Coinmarketcap. They are very strong and work very professionally so there is no deception.

But opposite opinions, this is a multi-level model disguised. Takes the money of the next person paid for the first through the referral system, then it will also collapse.

Everyone has the right idea of ​​his own. In this article I will help you analyze a bit BitConnect, so you can make more accurate decisions.

What is Bitconnect?

BitConnect is an open source platform that provides users with a variety of features that support electronic money investments. You simply understand it is a site, allows you to register as a member and freely traded with hundreds of thousands of other members like you.

Specifically, you will buy Bitcoin in another location and transfer it to BitConnect to buy the currency of this platform from other people like you (BitCon Currency), denoted BCC.

There are two ways to invest in BitConnect:

  • Buy BCC and store for several months
  • Invest in Bitconnect’s lending platform

I will detail these two ways for you to understand better. Another way BCC BCC training is BCC but it is not in the form of investment so I do not carry it in this article, because before I play Crypto Currency also do not touch the dig. If you are interested can find out in other sources.

How to invest 1: Buy BitConnect (BCC) for a few months

The first way is to buy BCC copper and store this currency, its value will increase over time, look at the BCC value growth chart in the past:

You can check BCC prices directly at this link.

For example, in May 2017 you buy 100 BCC for $ 1000 (only $ 10 / BCC), only after 3 months BCC price has increased 6 times, you sell 100 BCC will be $ 6000 because the price is now over $ 60 / BCC. Or you can still wait for the price to rise, the possibility of it above $ 100 is entirely feasible.

However, it is not possible to predict what may be the price will go down and you will lose, so Bitconnect has a system called Lending to help investors can go into a safer state otherwise. Want to store BCC.

Investment 2: Join the Lending system

This method is more selective because you will invest a dollar in Bitconnect’s lending system, and Bitconnect will pay you daily interest as well as USD.

Interest will automatically go into your Bitconnect account daily, if you want to withdraw money immediately can change to BCC => Exchange to BTC then withdraw the BTC on sale or you can also keep the BCC in the account Bitconnect

It means BitConnect will take the money you invest in and lend to other trusted partners through peer-to-peer networks, all automatically. Because you are a lender, you always know the profit one day. Today you will know the profit of tomorrow is how much.

Interest will fluctuate from about 0.5% – 2% per day, you can check the interest rate is updated automatically every day here. Here is the chart of the past 3 months, I found it quite stable, on average over 1% per day

Also if you are a big investor, in addition to daily interest rates, you will receive a fixed margin:

  • Investment $ 100- $ 1000: No fixed interest, no principal, after 299 days.
  • $ 1010 – $ 5000: + 0.1% fixed interest, redeemable after 239 days
  • $ 5010 – $ 10,000: + 0.2% fixed interest, redeemable after 179 days

  • 10,010 – $ 100,000: + 0.25% fixed interest, reimbursement after 120 days.

This means, the more you invest, the faster the original. For example, if you invest more than $ 10010 or more, after approximately 2.5 months, you have reinvested your capital and can take the reinvestment or withdraw your principal.

Risks when investing in BitConnect.

Those who invite you to join the Bitconnect system (to receive commissions) often talk about potential, risk aversion. However, I will mention the risk first, because there is no investment form without risk, even if you lent money to your loved ones, there is a possibility that you will transfer money to a system in Another country

There are three main types of risk when you invest in BitConnect:

  • Risk of your ability
  • The risk of electronic money market
  • Bitconnect risk dies in the future

Risk of your ability

The risk of your ability means that you can not protect your account, which results in you storing the BCC in your BitCon account but someone knows your password, your account and your funds. Go to another wallet & you will forever be unaware of who the person is.

Especially women and older people who use a computer browser are more likely to be infected with malware, password scams, account theft, Bitcoin address changes, and so on.

The risk is that you have to protect yourself, there are always “thieves” in the network, and probably the crooks are your friends and acquaintances. Your property must be self-sustaining.

The risk of electronic market

The next risk is that the e-money market fluctuations affect all coin not only BitConnect, the total capitalization of the entire market will fall, leading to a loss of BCC if it is expected to fail. Up again, or the lending system will pay interest very low, even 0% for you.

According to him, this risk is lower, because the new electronic money market is up recently, capitalization is only about $ 100 billion and many experts predict may be many times over the next few years.

Bitconnect risk dies in the future

Where Bitconnect fraud is not not happening, just the present time is not but in the future is likely to have. It is possible that the Lending system is just a cover for a disguised multi-level model behind and unfortunately for new entrants a few days and 1-2 months are the ones who are hurt.

Although relatively risky, but every day in the world there are still thousands of people trading, trading, investment Bitconnect. Because of the potential & numbers it gives investors up to now, it is very attractive.

Potential when investing Bitconnect

If you want to store BCC coin, then its potential multiplied by 2.3 times in the next 2-3 months is fully occurring. Or if you want to be more secure, you can join the Lending system, after 2 months you can get back the funds (with big package) and more than 3 months (with small package).

Other than the coin that has not been on official exchanges, it’s like “Pick us up, we’ll be in the next few months”, BitConnect has been listed on Coinmarketcap for a long time. Translated on the floor like Livecoin or Novaexchange.

BitConnect is the coolest “little talker” in all of the coin models that we’ve seen before, as BitTorrent’s Roadmap is guaranteed to run on a monthly basis. You can check out this roadmap. At link: https://bitconnectcoin.co/roadmap

Do you invest in BitConnect?

Yes, I have invested in Crypto Currentcy since the beginning of 2017. I am profiting from the stockpiling of altcoin so I am currently scrambling to invest in many places, including BitConnect, with BitConnect investing in Lending. Last month (July).

If you ask me if this is the time to invest in BitConnect, I can not answer. And this article I did not write to PR for Bitconnect but just to give you some information for you to decide for yourself. I have clarified the risks & potential, whether or not you decide for yourself.

Here are the profits from BitConnect for the last few days:

I have just been interested in many trust models recently, so missed the opportunity from Bitconnect. If the Bitconnect investment from several months ago, the interest rate is very large then.

Bitconnect operating multi-level model?

Exactly, BitCon works in a multi-level model (MLM) to attract more participating investors, this program is called a Referral Program and the successful caller will be entitled to a floor commission:

For example, Mr. A invites Mr. B to invest in, Mr. A will receive 7% of Mr. B’s total investment. Mr. B continues to invite Mr. C, Mr. A will continue to receive 3% commission on the total amount. C’s investment, … And so on ….

So if you want to participate in this referral program of BitConnect make sure the message you convey is carrying accurate information, so let’s talk about the potential without saying the risk.


So I gave you some information to help you invest in BitConnect. With investment, you should not ask anyone but make your own decision. Always invest with capital that you do not need it for a long time, accept the risks that may be encountered.

I can not change your decision, although I have invested in this model but not so that I go to PR for Bitconnect. You should analyze and take action and take responsibility for your actions.

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  1. Great article all about bitconnect and bitconnect coin.Invest in Bitconnect interest up to 40% per month. Bitconnect developed its own currency, BCC, No. 15 on Coinmarketcap.They are very strong and work very professionally.

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