Alpha Cash – New Ethtrade – Fintech Digital Currency Project

Maybe those who participate in online investment know Ethtrade – A very successful project started in mid-2016 to now. Currently, Ethtrade is only for 9 countries investing and earning interest. They have withdrawn from the European and American markets a few weeks ago and they have returned money to all investors. Have you ever seen a project leave the market like that? – That is a benchmark that joined so far has not had a virtual money project do so.
One of the strongest Ethtrade Leader groups in Russia has just started promoting a new project, which made curious and started investigating the new project called Alpha Cash. So what makes Alpha Cash special – that is, there are many similarities with Ethtrade.

Overview of Alpha Cash:

  • Alpha Cash is officially registered on July 12-16, 2017. The registration must have a referral link and a Upline code. Legal registration in Hong Kong
  • The project will start in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian
  • Minimum investment: $ 10
  • Accepted payment gateways: BTC, USD, ETH, LTC, XRP (Ripple), XMR (Monera)
  • Invest port which pays interest on that port
  • The duration of the deposit is 360 days, commits ROI to 200%
  • Automatic return on investment every day
  • Monthly profit fluctuates 10-15%
  • The withdrawal of capital after 90 days free of charge and 90 days before the withdrawal of capital
  • Share interest on every Friday, Earn interest 5 days / week from Monday to Friday

Link to join:  Updating

How Alpha Cash Makes Money:

Alpha Cash uses funds from distribution investors through four major investment areas:

  • 45% Trading Coin (Mainly in China market)
  • 20% for ICO
  • 20% for Stock Exchange
  • 15% for Exchange Services


ICO is a term not familiar to everyone. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an uncontrolled means by which funds are mobilized for a new cryptocurrency venture. To put it simply: a new crypto currency will be marketed.

Affiliate Program and Career Development

Attracting partners to Alpha Cash can really pay off. There are to ways of earning affiliate commissions: Active and Passive. And you can earn affiliate commissions across 5 levels depending on your status:

With every status you will reach, you will unlock new levels. Starting with the status “partner” you will earn commissions from all 5 levels.

So how to move through different states?

Your status will depend on two factors: Your own investment and the investment of your entire structure across 5 levels.

For example: if you want to be a “promoter”, you must have a $ 2,500 deposit and $ 10,000 in your group.
Weekly replenishment and withdrawal limits will be issued for the Beta phase and might be increased right after the Beta phase is over.
After the project starts running, will detail the details.

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